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Comment by bob - July 21, 2008
Comment by dylan - July 23, 2008
I'm being nit picky, but this is bugging the crap out of me. Please change your comment class to a width of 101px instead of 100 to allow the word "radius" to join "corner" on the same line. Thanks for the wonderful development tool.
Comment by dylan - July 23, 2008
correction: command class, not comment classs
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Comment by dengjianbin - August 1, 2008
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Comment by LIZ - August 9, 2008
Comment by akash - August 14, 2008
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Comment by Andrew - August 24, 2008
This tool is awesome! It would take me ages to achieve the same result with, say, Photoshop (I'm a bit of a noob there).
Comment by Min - August 28, 2008
This tool is great!! One suggestion I have is to increase the width limit from 240px. I'd like to use it to make my curved borders and 240px is too small for many of my boxes. Thanks.
Comment by bkjbkjbjb - August 31, 2008
Comment by naveed - September 13, 2008
will anyone plz tell me that how can i upload this tab in my blog plz be quick
my e.mail id is
Comment by Outsource Web Design - October 1, 2008
Naveed, what blog software you using?
Comment by rohin sharma - October 6, 2008
Great Job guys , Love it
Comment by MandaxUK - October 10, 2008
Comment by MandaxUK - October 10, 2008
Great Tool, Love it. Thank you for sharing!
Comment by Will Fastie - October 16, 2008
Very interesting. It might be useful to create two versions of the tab, one with the bottom border and one in which the color extends down to the bottom? This would allow one tab image to be used for the active tab and the other for inactive tabs.
Comment by Carlos - October 30, 2008
Comment by Paul - November 5, 2008
Congratulations - this is a fantastic tool. If you are considering adding features the ability to have a transparent background would be really cool! Thanks so much.
Comment by Valdenir França - November 12, 2008

Você está de parabéns, sua ferramenta de trabalho
é fantástica. Nota 10.
Continue assim!

Um abraço...
Valdenir L. França.
Comment by JP - November 12, 2008
Good job!

How about having transparent backgrounds?
Comment by Dancoisne - December 5, 2008
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Comment by Salim - December 11, 2008
very good idea to create tab...
Comment by Ola - December 19, 2008
Comment by Chris - December 27, 2008
Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say that your site is awesome. Apart from being useful it's also very well thought-out and designed.

Comment by dilin - December 31, 2008
what if I don't like the corner?
is there a way to adjust it?
Comment by dilin - December 31, 2008
sorry, I ment border (instead of corner).
So.. what are the ways to define the border of the tab?
Comment by Joanna - January 3, 2009
I absolutely LOVE your generators. They are a true God-send, and I have to admit - they're far easier to use, than Photoshop. :P By the time I even open and load my Photoshop, I can get all my tabbed buttons done, in just a few clicks! Thank you so much for an amazing, free resource - you guys rule! <3
Comment by Hitesh - January 7, 2009
Please Add Text feature with various font.

Great Tool
Comment by MindAlbum - January 12, 2009
Nice tool..
Really glad to find this site...
I have added it to my bookmarks now...
Good Job!!! Keep it up..

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Comment by Jim - January 19, 2009
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Comment by hoodia gordonii - January 25, 2009
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Comment by BEBO - January 25, 2009
Comment by Will - January 25, 2009
Oh my giddy aunt this is useful. You don't know how much hassle it's going to save me. Thank you so much!
Comment by seeADS - January 27, 2009
very good work!
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Comment by Benny lo - February 6, 2009
how do i upload this into my dreamweaver cs3 site as a tabbed button?

thanks guys
Comment by sandiya - February 9, 2009
This is great
Comment by russia_ownz - February 12, 2009
ãû-û... ñûíîíê, lol!
Comment by RJ - February 14, 2009
Great tool, thanks!
Comment by Lamb Cam - March 2, 2009
Great little application! Saved me a lot of time when designing the tabs for LambCam :)
Comment by thangam - March 6, 2009
Very nice.
Comment by hoodia gordonii - March 7, 2009
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Comment by shaheel - March 12, 2009
Hi, Well done. One suggestion is that to have the provision for adjusting the border size. And plz make the capcha security code more readable. Really it is not readable.
Comment by Laura - March 14, 2009
Having trouble with colors/colours on tab generator?

Hey there, excellent tool! Just to help everyone out (and possibly for you lovely folks to consider changing) wanted to let you know that the colo(u)r fields do not accept capital letters. So if you want 79CDCD you have to type 70cdcd. Best of luck all!
Comment by weightloss - March 19, 2009
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Comment by Ivan - March 23, 2009
Needs some antialiasing and more gradient options, but it's a really nice tool!
Comment by weight loss product - March 24, 2009
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Comment by Kim Green - April 2, 2009
Love the Tabs Generator. Can't contribute right this second because I am unemployed, but I wanted to express my thanks.
Comment by EEEEEE - April 2, 2009
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